We fell in love with the "Russian Look" and went into the characteristics of the Breed and decided this was the cat we would like to breed. We spoke to Stephanie Eborall who was delighted to have us "on board" and gave us 100% support as we felt our way into the world of breeding. It was exciting and there was so much to learn, the learning continues as time passes.

Our first kitten named Warwick Russka Sava arrived in 2003. Towards the end of 2004, she came into season and was flown to Stephanie for her first mating. She produced a beautiful kindle of five. They were adorable and believe me very hard to part with when it came time to let them go.

In 2004 we bought Cinyaluna Obanya Tsanrina Silver so we now had two lovely girls who became part of our family. We now have Silversheen Matvei Rostislav who we kept and has become a fine stud and produced lovely kittens. He is our "gentle giant" and has the most fantastic nature as do his kittens. We also had a White Russian who produced only one white boy before retiring. She was an amazing girl and loved being a mother to any of the kittens. We later got a black Russian girl from Leanne in Cape Town and put to Matvei as produced 2 Black kittens and 3 Blue's, also a wonderful, protective mother but not willing to work with the other girls where her kittens are concerned.

Our cats all have the run of the house, all sleep indoors at night. They go outside for a while but spend most of their time indoors. The girls get put into the cattery room when they have youngsters. The kittens are handled and played with so they are friendly and loving little fur balls, that is not to say they can't get carried away and play rough as they get older.

The Russian cats are pure magic to have in one's life.
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